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We Go, We Go, Uganda Cranes We Go June 7, 2011

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Saturday we got to go to the Uganda Cranes soccer match. It was my first international match or pro match for that matter. There’s really no comparison to the atmosphere. Out of all of the football games I have attended in my life I can’t think of any that compare. It was loud the whole game and people were constantly chanting something. I got to experience vuvuzuelas first hand before, during, and after the match. They’re good during a match, but any other time they’re just annoying pieces of plastic trash. I would like to explain to you how the game went, but that would be boring so I’ll just say the Cranes defeated Guinea-Bissau 2-0. I can’t say that it was the best soccer I’ve seen, but the outcome made the atmosphere so much more exciting. See the slide show below and follow this link to see what I was talking about.
Next week will probably be my last post since I leave for home next Wednesday. It’ll be tough to tell this place bye, but hopefully there will be opportunities to return.

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One Response to “We Go, We Go, Uganda Cranes We Go”

  1. Haley Aldridge Says:

    I’ve seen you wear many soccer uniforms, but I must say that the Uganda colors look great on you cuz! GO CRANES!

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