God's story in Africa

Farming God’s Way May 30, 2011

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Today Jess, Pat, and I took a break from the Sister Connection project and went out to a rural area around the village of Mwera. EMI did a project for Come, Let’s Dance out there last July. The main objective of the trip was to lay out for them what to plant and where to put it for a vocational school. Come, Let’s Dance got started on this about 8 months ago and graduated their first class today. They graduated 6, but it has potential to explode with students. Once people see what came up out of 2 acres and what will happen when the acreage triples the students will pour in.
Come, Let’s Dance uses a method that’s gaining ground in Uganda and East Africa called Farming God’s Way. Here’s the link for more info. It combines careful and purpose-driven farming with many biblical principles. I’ll spare the details, but it’s pretty interesting and useful stuff. Hopefully it’ll change the ways Ugandans farm and yield more crops reducing the poverty line. Come, Let’s Dance is also pretty great. Here’s the website. Check’em out!

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