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“You’re very African” May 15, 2011

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Sorry for not posting last week. There hasn’t been much to talk about that’s worthy of wasting your time. Things are running very smoothly for our project. There have been very few, if any setbacks. All that just reassures us that we’re doing this work for God and the widows of Burundi.
Yesterday was the busiest day I’ve had since being in Uganda. I felt like an American or a chicken with it’s head cut off. First Jess and I decided to head to our grocery store for our weekly supplies and lunch. We had to be back by noon so we took bodas back. After greeting my boda driver in Lugandan and shaking his hand the way they do here, he told me “You’re very African. How long have you been here?” I found this encouraging since the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on simple phrases and greetings. My next goal is to learn a Lugandan song.
Jess and I got back in time to load a matatu with some of the staff’s families and head out to Lake Victoria for family photo shoots. Daniel got this idea after talking with a local friend of his that told him that he couldn’t remember what his father looked like since he died a few years back. The friend had no way of remembering him so Daniel got this all organized. We had a great time hanging out with all of the staff and their families. It was fun to see the kids warm up to us slowly but surely. I really like how shy the kids are here. It’s challenging to get them to goof off with you.
We finished up the photo shoot and a few hours later went to Heritage for their school play “Cool in the Furnace.” Many of my players were in it so it was enjoyable. I can’t say I’m much of a play or musical person, but having them there made it good. Unfortunately that might be the last time I get to see many of those kids since we ended practice this week and school ends in about 2. That’s about all I got. Make sure you look down at the slideshow. The pictures from yesterday are in it. Have a blessed week!

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One Response to ““You’re very African””

  1. Haley Aldridge Says:

    Hannah I can’t wait to hear you speak their language, but I must get you on the karaoke machine singing one of their songs when you get home!! We sure do miss you, but I’m LOVING the blog and the pictures are amazing. It is crazy the little things we take for granted like being able to look at wonderful memories we’ve captured with photos, and they don’t even have photos of their own parents. You are all touching so many lives and we are always praying for you!! Hugs!!

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