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Spending big bucks, big bucks, big bucks. February 27, 2011

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Cutting up sugar cane

Hey y’all. Welcome back to another weekly installment of Uganda Where. Besides the occasional rioting that occurred this week I’d have to say it was quite uneventful. As y’all know Museveni was re-elected president last Sunday. We thought we were going to be in trouble when the runner-up switched his tactics of not accepting the results to protests on the streets instead of taking it to an international court. We have not seen or heard about any riots over this. The ones I mentioned earlier were over local mayoral elections. So it looks like we may be in the clear unlike many other African nations.

About the only things that went on this week were visits to some markets. Friday we went to the Friday Craft Market. They have some pretty good stuff there. I was able to get some things for my donors so if you’re one of them be looking forward to something cool. It was good to spend money on things not associated with food for the first time. Then yesterday we went to Owino which is about the size of a community college campus. There are not enough words to describe this place. Goods are organized according to what it is: food, clothing, electronics, etc. Most of it is covered and some people have their own stalls, while others just occupy space. Two people can barely fit in many of the walkways. I think you have to get lost to find what you need even though we still didn’t find exactly what we were looking for: Ugandan jersey for 25,000 shillings or roughly $12. We found some for 45,000 or $22 and I was able to get a Barcelona jersey for 25,000. The Liverpool (You’ll never walk alone) jersey that I wanted so bad was either too small or too big. Not bad though. I’ll wear Barca. 

I finished Francis Chan’s “Forgotten God.” I will definitely read it again and I encourage you if you haven’t gotten it yet to go get it. It’s a short book, but there’s so much content in it. If there is one thing I took out of it is to get out of the Holy Spirit’s way and let him do his work. That applies to myself and especially others. Chan told a story about a girl in high school that sponsors 14 children and how she works 3 jobs in the summer to pay for that. He said how it would not be right of somebody to tell her she needs to quit and concentrate on herself and her future. There are other applications to this as well. That one’s just really short.

Well next week my project group will be headed to Burundi. I ask that y’all pray that we all gel really well together and that we keep in mind why we are there. I also ask that we are able to bring joy to Sister Connection. On a personal note I have a rash on my arms and legs. I ask that y’all pray that this go away before we leave next Sunday. Have a great week. Look for a new update in about two weeks. God bless!



3 Responses to “Spending big bucks, big bucks, big bucks.”

  1. Robyn Cloud Says:

    Hannah! Thanks so much for sharing what you are learning. I can’t wait to read Forgotten God! you have encouraged me, sister.

  2. Norman Bales Says:


    Robbyn Boler connected me to your website. Congratulations on your work in Uganda. Your report was most interesting. Our congregation is involved with a fantastic ministry called “Made in the Street” in Nairobi, Kenya. Some of my good friends are there now.

    Grace and Peace,


  3. Lauren Says:

    Heck yeah on the jerseys! Oweno Market is crazy, I remember being totally silent when I was in there, just taking in the whole scene.
    I love your thoughts 🙂

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