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Is Lockdown 2011: Uganda over? February 20, 2011

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Well it’s official. It’s just been announced that Museveni, the president for the past 30 years will retain his leadership over Uganda. Hopefully no protests will occur and we will be able to leave the compound. We’ve been here for the past 4 days! So please Ugandans don’t protest even though you have every right to question the outcome of this victory. You’ll make all EMI staff, their families, and interns very happy. For more info on the elections and the possible corruption that could have occurred read this.

Not much has gone on this week. Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday were fairly loud days as the vehicles carrying supporters of presidential candidates kicked it up a notch. Those vehicles were up and down the main street in our neighborhood blaring music and words. It’s like Mardi Gras one truck at a time.

Since Thursday the interns have been confined to the compound in order to prevent any unnecessary accidents in case things were to get out of control. I took advantage of this free time to finish up a book on Magellan’s circumnavigation around the world and start on Francis Chan’s “Forgotten God.” This book is about the Holy Spirit and how Christians should take advantage of what a great and powerful force we have with Him. I have been a Christian since my sophomore year in high school and truthfully I must say the Holy Spirt is rather new to me. I never really knew or understood what He was until a couple of years ago. While growing up I can’t really remember much mention of him. Jesus and God ruled all of the devos, sermons, songs, and conversations. I knew of the Trinity, but I acted like the Spirit wasn’t there even after the experience I had with Him the day I got baptized. I didn’t want to weird people out so I never really started discussing that until recently. Chan talks about how we’re afraid of Him and I couldn’t agree more. In my very first post I mentioned how I ignored God when He was telling me to go with EMI when I graduated. In reality I was actually afraid to do that, to leave the comforts of America. I believe the Spirit is why I am in Uganda now. There’s no other explanation. Who else could get you to quit your job and go to Africa?  You’ve got to let go of the comfort and ask the Holy Spirit to work inside you. What could be better than living a life serving God with the Holy Spirit working through you to further the kingdom? Sure he might take the t.v. or a/c away from you, but you’ll adapt. It’s a lot more fun to build community with your brothers and sisters in other countries or across the street. I challenge you to either ask Him to fill you with the fruit of the Spirit or help you to speak when your words won’t do or guide you or witness to the lost or put to death any sins you might be struggling with or lead you into intimacy with the Father or to bring life and freedom in your spiritual life or that you might abound with hope or that He leads you to contribute to the Kingdom or just read “Forgotten God” and then you’ll be challenged. I’m telling you don’t be afraid to ask for any of that. Only good can come of it.

I’ll leave you with a few pictures from the compound. Remember how great God is and to love your neighbors as Jesus would.

Lake Victoria from the compound

Banana tree about to produce its fruit.



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