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Hello muzungu. How are you? February 6, 2011

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Well things have slowed down, which is great. I don’t think I could handle many more weeks like last week while recovering from jetlag. For the majority of this week we’ve been working in the office doing a lot of small in-house stuff. Monday and Tuesday were uneventful with the exception of the power going out Monday morning. It was all good though, because if you have a headlamp you really don’t need it. Sure everything in the refrigerator almost goes to ruin, but you have no a/c so what’s the point? I’ve worked on sewer lines, moved a water line, and other miscellaneous things. It’s been great to get into a routine. Wednesday after work we cooked a really good meal, Monterrey Rice and Beans. Then we hopped on bodas and headed over to Phil and Emily’s apartment for an intro to the staff’s wives. We did our testimonies for like the 100th time. Haha. That’s a joke. It never gets old to see how God has worked in others lives. It’s been good to hang out with the staff and their families outside of work. It was also great to get to ride on a boda for the first time. Thrill of my life, not really but it’s fun.

Highlight of the week: Thursday we got to go surveying. That’s been my favorite thing so far. I love doing it back home so of course I loved doing it here. It was a little different from what I’m used to in that there were kids hanging off of me while doing it. It made it a little difficult. I can’t guarantee that my data points were too accurate, because you couldn’t get the rod level or someone wanted to press a button on the rover. You can see me in the background of the picture above where I’ve got a kid pressing buttons for me. It was good to go to this part of Kampala. It looked like the neighborhood was pretty poor and the woman we were surveying for, Peace has big plans for a school there. I’ll be praying that God gives her the financial support and financial wisdom to make this dream of hers a reality. I don’t think these kids see many whites a.k.a. muzungus. I think every kid in the neighborhood was out there with us. I’ve been trying to figure out why they love it when we come around. Is it because we’re something different or is it because we give them attention? Hopefully that question will be answered while I’m here along with some others. In summary it was good to get out of the office and go play with some kids while doing something I really like to do.

Friday we finished work and walked about 3 miles to this place called Palm Cafe. They had pizza and stuff there. It was good to get some cheese in my diet since the calcium intake has been nil. Cheese is pretty expensive here and it’s not what I’m used to back home. It was great and we noticed that the only people eating there when we left were muzungus. It was kind of weird to be surrounded by whites and I kind of didn’t like it. White people just aren’t as interesting as the Ugandans are, which reminds me that I need to get some of the local staff to tell me their testimonies again. They’re amazing and y’all need to hear them. Saturday we went to a few kids soccer games and I have a feeling that I might have gotten roped into coaching. I’ll find out tomorrow. Then later in the afternoon Phil and Alex, some interns from Colorado  came and visited us. We got them to ride on bodas (in picture below). It was great to see them again. Finally today we went to church downtown and it was awesome. It’s good to see a really healthy church here. Well thanks for reading this update and have a great week! God bless.

Alex on a Boda Boda!


2 Responses to “Hello muzungu. How are you?”

  1. Your journal is fascinating and I look forward to every post! I can tell you are enjoying your journey and that you are in a good place…for your heart and soul. We miss you here in Mississippi! It has been an interesting January with lots of cold winter weather (snow and ice). I am so proud of you and am praying for all good things to come your way (and your fellow interns). Love, Aunt Sis
    John 12:26

  2. Merry Nethery Says:

    Aunt Sis forwarded your postings to me and my heart has turned to putty. Your writing is so fantastic…I think you could make a living with it and fund more ‘giving’ adventures! I too, LOVE Bare Naked Ladies!

    I’m glad to see that you aren’t wearing the attire we discussed! LOL!

    Remember this, dear Hannah. You never know how the work you do affects those you help. Now and then I hear from a student I taught years ago, thanking me for something I thought was so small, and of little consequence. To hear the thanks and to learn of the impact has been such a joy and blessing. Those correspondences can make an entire year of anxiety seem a trifle. Try to find someone who can allow you to keep in touch. That way the rewards of the seeds you are planting can keep on giving and fuel you forward at times when you need it.

    Please let us know if you are in need of further funding. Wish I would have been a bit more flush during your fund raiser! And let us know if the teacher needs anything to help those children blossom! Do they have paints, crayons…art supplies? Books? Paper?

    HUGS!!!! Merry

    I wish

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